Freediving INTRO – diving on a single breath 16. 10. 2020 – in ENGLISH

Freediving introduction
Term:  16. 10. 2020
Place: Aquapalace Čestlice
Instructor: Mick Vrána
Places: 6 míst / 5 volných
Price: 450 Kč (equipment included)

Introduction starts on Friday afternoon. We meet at 16:00 in the entry hall of Aquapalace Cestlice, on the left side (sofas). End is at 18:00.
Contact: phone +420 775 013 774 (Mick), email

Would you like to try freediving?
Then this is a perfect opportunity..!
In two hours you will learn about freediving basics and how to turn it into safe fun.. ;). Then we will do a bit of stretching and after we will go freediving.

What do you need with you? Only mask, snorkel, fins and obviously towel and swimsuit/trunks. If you do not  have any equipment no worries, we will provide all above (exept towels and trunks/suits). For the fins we will need to know your foot size to bring correct set of fins. Maximum number of clients is 6, so everyone will be attended equally and will have enough time to have fun.


What is the goal?
– loose the fear of water, learn how to enjoy being in and under.
– learn best way to dive, so it is quick and effective
– how to equalize pressure in your ears
– comfortably dive as deep as you like

Entry conditions:
– Age minimum 14 years (younger only with responsible adult)
– know how to swim at least 10 meters in any style
– being healty, if you are not sure about that, please consult with you doctor
– poses basic equipment: mask, snorkel, fins (all can be provided, please contact us)

If you need any equipment please contact us, we will provide it (it is included in the price). Also it is possible to buy whatever you require, we will be happy to give you free advice on what would be ideal for you.

How to get to AQ Čestlice?
There are two ways:
1. AquaBus – bus number 328 from the tube “C” (red) – Opatov to Kika-Aquapalace or Čestlice, V Oblouku (ride takes about 7-10 minutes).
2. And for you who like a bit of comfort, call us, email us, we will be happy to give you a ride, or add you into someone else’s car 😉.

See you lat.. I mean underwater 🙂

Contact us on email, or through the contact form below.